Ultimately, our purpose is to create leadership, team and organizational excellence.

Leadership Development Group offers engaging courses, coaching and consulting designed to improve leadership effectiveness, enhance team performance and improve employee engagement.

The Results
Clear direction.
Well-defined roles and responsibilities.
Aligned leadership, teams, departments, divisions.
Passion for excellence.
Continued striving for improvement.
Business relationships based on trust.
Effective, conflict-free interactions.
A more productive, diverse work environment that encourages innovation and retains its talent.


The workforce today is too savvy to simply be told what to do or left to figure it out.

Leaders and their teams are challenged with creating a positive environment where people can engage, contribute their talents, ideas, have robust debates and collaborate to create an aligned effort.

We work with leaders and their teams to create true alignment by helping them work through those sticky places where most leaders just give up or resort to intimidation. Once an aligned foundation of trust is set and a clear direction is created, teams maximize their output.


Executive Influencing & High Impact Presentations
Executive Coaching
Imperative Change - Leader in Peril Program
Maximizing Leadership Agility
Transforming Conflict
Communication Agility
Leveraging Diverse Workstyles
Leading and Maximizing Performance
Leading and Managing Change
Team Based Strategy & Process Development
Creating Culture Series
The Leadership Commitment
Service or Sabotage - Check Your Attitude
Co-Worker as Customer
High Performing Teams
Creative Conflicts
Team Based Problem Solving
Check Your Attitude
Real Conversations
Key Note

Insights into Action

"I have never learned so much, I wish I had done this years ago "

"Great course, great coach!"

"Perfect course - well managed and presented. This challenged us all"

"Benefits will be applied to my everyday job."

"This course was great! It very accurately got to the point of the foibles in human behavior that we all need to work on changing, then gave some good, reasonable ways to make that change"

"Interacting with colleagues and also the chance to take time for introspection was valuable."

"It dealt with real life examples and the interaction between attendees was very good."

"It kept our attention the entire time with an appropriate mix of humor and content. That's very difficult to do in a 4 hour session and I think it was well done here."

"Very interactive, hands on, and kept us motivated and intrigued. Even though I did roll my eyes when one on one interaction in the course was first mentioned, it really helped immensely, and I'm glad that it was included. Forced me out of my shell. The presenter was also a very good speaker, and his style was engaging. Otherwise, I would have nodded off pretty quickly if it had been a PowerPoint presentation only."

"Enthusiastic presentation of some tough material."

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